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Aloha friends, welcome to "The Rainbow Honu" Ohana. Our two families have been in business for over 4 years together locally in Utah, and we have finally decided to share our brand with the world. The mission of the honu brand is to bring awareness and education of these beautiful creatures to everyone, so our future generations can continue to take care of them. 


"Honu" or Sea Turtle holds a special place in our hearts because of what it symbolizes; wisdom, endurance, and good luck! The sea turtle is a majestic creature that lives a long life.  

The rainbow is a beautiful symbol of what comes after a storm, and in our crazy world, we all need something to look toward for hope. 


We are available by email, facebook, and instagram. And if we need to then we'll even fire up my old MySpace account


When you order from our Rainbow Honu brand, you do not just become another customer. You become family


Our quality and pricing cannot be matched. We don't want to just be another vendor, we want to be your partner


We can turn around your order faster than you can say Lauwiliwilinukunukuʻoiʻoi 

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